Sales by Day Dashboard

This dashboard provides a daily view of the Month-To-Date delivered sales. Use the "My Store", "My Salesperson" or "My Job Types" filters to further select the data you want to compare.

Change from Delivered to Written Sales using the Radio Buttons top right under the default filters and navigation.

Delivered Sales by Day


Delivered Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

Delivered Sales: Net Sales that have been delivered (job costed) for the selected date range.

Gross Margin:  Net sales revenue minus cost of goods sold, divided by net sales revenue.

Delivered Sales Chart

Delivered Sales by Day: The Delivered Sales for each day is displayed by a brown column for sales written in a prior month and blue for sales delivered in the same month as Written.

Written Sales by Day


Written Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

Total Written Sales: Total Written sales year-to-date.

Total Written Sales-Delivered: Total Written sales year-to-date, "Delivered".

Total Written Sales- Not Delivered: Total Written sales year-to-date, "Not Delivered".

Written Sales Chart

Delivered Sales by Day: The Written Sales for each day is displayed by a dark blue column for sales Delivered and light blue for sales not delivered.


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