Business Insights Requirements

Business Insights requirements are as follows:

  • Current Subscription to Business Insights
  • RFMS Client with current maintenance
  • Running the current version of RFMS
  • Installation and daily running of RFMS Connect data service
  • The recommended screen resolution is 1920 x 1080
  • Current web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) with Internet connection and enabled JavaScript, cookies and TLS 1.1+.  Highly recommend Chrome for browser as performance will be better.
  • Only Chrome and Firefox browser will work with iOS devices. There is no Safari support on any device.  Note: Cross-Website Tracking must be set to 'allow' with iOS.

Note: Effective February 1, 2020, support for the following browser versions will be discontinued:

  • Google Chrome versions older than 67 and the same associated versions of Chromium derived browsers and Android WebView
  • Versions of UC browser on Android prior to version 12.13.2
  • Versions of Safari and embedded browsers on MacOS 10.14 and all browsers on iOS 12


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