Income Report

This dashboard contains six reports.  An income summary report which is similar to your income statement. The company’s total revenue, cost of sales, expenses and net profit for the selected data range are displayed for the current accounting periods, compared to the prior and benchmark.  

Please note that switching to the Profitability collection will require you to set the active filters as they are different from the Sales, Quotes and Products collections.


The radio button to the left of the Detail report allows you to change the report.  Please allow extra time for the Operating Expense report to display.


Sales Income: Total sales income.

Cost of Sales: Total cost of sales including sub categories: cost of goods, direct labor and overhead.

Operating Expenses: All expenses incurred in the cost of doing business.

Other Income: Any income not coming from the company’s main business or source of revenue.

Non-Operating Expenses: All expenses incurred that are not directly related to the standard costs of doing business.

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