Manufacturer-Division Benchmark

Access to this dashboard is provided from the Manufacturer Division Review by clicking on the Manufacturer name in the BI Manufacturer column.

This dashboard provides detailed metrics of a company's products sales and allows the dealer to filter and aggregate product performance by manufacturer and division.  It also provides access to benchmark data by manufacturer and division.  The chart is a limited view of product sales information by Manufacturer with the addition of benchmark information (benchmark column headings are highlighted in orange).

Top row contains the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) providing Sales, Gross Margin and Benchmark Gross Margin information.

The table below the KPI's contains the aggregated sales data by selected manufacturer.  This table also contains the BM Sales Change and BM Gross Margin.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI's): 

Sales: Product sales for the "active filters" selected. 

Sales Prior: Product Sales for the selected criteria for the prior selected date range (either Year Over Year or Trailing Months). 

Sales Change: The percentage of change in sales revenue between the current and previous period for the selected date range. 

GM: Product gross margin for the "active filters". 

GM Prior: Product gross margin for the selected criteria and the prior date range (either Year over Year or Trailing Months). 

GM Change: The percentage of change in gross margin between the current and previous period selected in the "active filters". 

BM GM: Total product gross margin for the select criteria for qualified Business Insights participants. 


Manufacturer-Division Benchmark:  Product  detail by Manufacturer, Manufacturer Division and Product Category is displayed in the table. The detail in the chart can be filtered by the options provided in the Filter Menu.


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