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This dashboard provides an overview of a company's sales revenue and gross margin for products. The Primary products filter is checked by default consisting of typical flooring products: Carpet, Cushion, LVT, Wood, Tile, VCT, Vinyl and Laminate. All other products are considered Non-Primary and can be displayed by checking the Non-Primary filter check box. 

Filter the dashboard for Material or Labor using the filter checkbox .  The dashboard will allow you to combine both Material and Labor by checking both boxes. Material is checked by default.  

Product Revenue and Gross Margin information is displayed.


Material:Product only (no labor) 

Labor:Product labor (no material) 

PrimaryTypical flooring products: Carpet, Cushion, LVT, Wood, Tile, VCT, Vinyl and Laminate. 

Non-Primary: All products not considered Primary.

You have the option to select any combination of the above boxes to evaluate your product performance. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's): 

Product Revenue:Product revenue for the selected "active filters".

Product Rev Prior: Product Sales revenue for the selected criteria for the prior selected date range (either Year Over Year or Trailing Months). 

Product Rev Change: The percentage of change in sales revenue between the current and previous period for the selected date range. 

GM: Product gross margin for the selected "active filters". 

GM Prior:Product gross margin for the selected criteria and the prior date range (either Year over Year or Trailing Months). 

GM Change: The percentage of change in gross margin between the current and previous period selected in the "active filters". 


My Product Mix by Revenue:  A mix of your sales revenue by product category is displayed in a bar chart Hovering over the visual will display the sales revenue of each category. 

My Percent Mix by Percent of Total: Product mix by revenue based on the "active filters".

Prod_Rev_Parent_Category_MyJobType:  A mix of your sales revenue by product category is displayed in a table by BI Job Type, My Job Type, Product Category, Sales and Sales Prior


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