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Premium Dashboard

This dashboard provides an overview of a company's sales revenue and gross margin for products. The Primary products filter is checked by default consisting of typical flooring products: Carpet, Cushion, LVT, Wood, Tile, VCT, Vinyl and Laminate. All other products are considered Non-Primary and can be displayed by checking the Non-Primary filter check box. 

Filter the dashboard for Material or Labor using the filter checkbox .  The dashboard will allow you to combine both Material and Labor by checking both boxes. Material is checked by default.  

Product Revenue, Gross Margin and Benchmark Gross Margin information is displayed.


Material:Product only (no labor) 

Labor:Product labor (no material) 

PrimaryTypical flooring products: Carpet, Cushion, LVT, Wood, Tile, VCT, Vinyl and Laminate. 

Non-Primary: All products not considered Primary.

You have the option to select any combination of the above boxes to evaluate your product performance. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's): 

Product Revenue:Product revenue for the selected "active filters".

Product Rev Prior: Product Sales revenue for the selected criteria for the prior selected date range (either Year Over Year or Trailing Months). 

Product Rev Change: The percentage of change in sales revenue between the current and previous period for the selected date range. 

GM: Product gross margin for the selected "active filters". 

GM Prior:Product gross margin for the selected criteria and the prior date range (either Year over Year or Trailing Months). 

GM Change: The percentage of change in gross margin between the current and previous period selected in the "active filters". 

BM GM: Total product gross margin for the selected "active filters" for qualified Business Insights participants. 


My Product Mix by Revenue:  A mix of your sales revenue by product category is displayed in a bar chart Hovering over the visual will display the sales revenue of each category. 

My Percent Mix by Percent of Total: Product mix by revenue based on the "active filters".

Benchmark Product Mix by Percent of Total:  Product mix by revenue based on the "active filters" for qualified Business Insights participants. 


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