Invoice Detail from Color

Invoice Detail from Color is available for display from Invoice List from Color dashboard. Click on  InvNum in the list to be directed to the dashboard.


Click on the Invoice in the Order Detail report and this will direct you to the Invoice Detail from the dashboard.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and Descriptions:

Store Name: Store name/description from the RFMS system.

BI Job Type:  Job Type assigned in BI Template to allow grouping of like type jobs and to calculate Benchmark when available for display.

My Job Type: My Job Type as indicated on the Invoice in RFMS.

Salesperson 1: Primary Salesperson on the Invoice.

Salesperson 2: Secondary Salesperson on the Invoice.

Split Percent: When more than one salesperson is receiving credit the salespeople will be indicated and the split percent amount.

Invoice Number: Invoice number assigned in RFMS.

Order Date:  Date Job was entered/ordered in RFMS.

Delivery Date: Date Job was marked as 'Delivered' in RFMS.

Material Total: Total off Material only for the invoice displayed.

Labor Total: Total of Labor only for the invoice displayed.

Invoice Total: Total of Material and Labor for the invoice displayed.

Gross Margin: Total gross margin for the invoice displayed.


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